Remembering David Bowie: A Tribute in Berlin by Dutch Deco Factory

In a poignant tribute to the iconic David Bowie, whose passing marked its fifth anniversary, Remon van Zoggel, the visionary owner of Dutch Deco Factory, undertook a heartfelt endeavor. He placed a memorial statue in front of the Konzerthaus Berlin, a gesture that not only honored the legendary artist but also served as a testament to the enduring impact of Bowie’s artistic legacy.

CLIENT: Dutch Deco Factory

This project was a testament to Dutch Deco Factory’s commitment to artistry and the power of creativity to connect with the human spirit. As both the client and the creative force behind the project, Dutch Deco Factory showcased their ability to seamlessly merge design and craftsmanship in a project infused with emotion and reverence.

Design: Remon van Zoggel and Stefan van Ham

The design of the memorial statue was a collaborative effort, helmed by Remon van Zoggel and Stefan van Ham. Their shared vision was to capture the essence of David Bowie in a lasting tribute that would resonate with fans and admirers of the artist. The result was a design that paid homage to Bowie’s iconic style and persona.

Create: Melding Tradition and Innovation

The memorial statue featured two distinct components. The prominent big hat, which also functioned as a bench, was meticulously cast. This component not only served as a functional element but also paid homage to Bowie’s eclectic fashion sense. In contrast, the Bowie statue itself was crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. This blend of traditional casting and modern 3D printing showcased Dutch Deco Factory’s ability to merge time-honored craftsmanship with innovative techniques.

Finish: A Tribute in Concrete and Artistry

The finishing touches on this memorial statue were a labor of love. The concrete look of the hat, achieved through meticulous casting, lent a sense of timeless solidity to the piece. The character of David Bowie, a central figure in the tribute, was meticulously finished with a combination of spray paint and intricate hand decorations. This approach ensured that the statue was not just an artistic representation but a heartfelt homage to the artist’s unique style and charisma.

This memorial statue in front of the Konzerthaus Berlin stands as a lasting tribute to David Bowie, a symbol of the profound impact he had on music, fashion, and culture. It is a testament to the power of art to transcend time and connect people through shared emotions and memories.

Dutch Deco Factory’s involvement in this project exemplifies their dedication to using art and design to create meaningful connections. Their portfolio of services, which spans from 3D printing to prop making and finishing with special coatings, showcases their versatility and expertise in turning creative visions into tangible reality.

For those seeking to pay tribute, make a statement, or simply infuse artistry into their projects, Dutch Deco Factory stands as an ideal partner. Their experience in signage, retail displays, trade fair exhibits, theme park attractions, corporate branding, and event decoration ensures that they are well-equipped to bring your vision to life. Contact Dutch Deco Factory to embark on your next artistic journey, and let them help you create a meaningful and impactful statement through art and design.

In honour of David Bowie who died five years ago on this date, owner of Dutch Deco Factory, Remon van Zoggel placed a memorial statue in front of the Konzerthaus Berlin.


Dutch Deco Factory


Remon van Zoggel / Stefan van Ham.


The big hat/bench is cast, the Bowie statue is 3D printed.


Concrete look cast of the hat. The character is finished with a combination of spray paint and decoration by hand.