Remembering André Hazes: Recreating the Iconic Lego Statue on Dam Square

In a heartfelt tribute to the beloved Dutch singer André Hazes, Dutch Deco Factory had the honor of remaking his iconic Lego statue originally designed by Frankey. This poignant endeavor aimed to commemorate the legendary artist on what would have been his 70th birthday, and it left an indelible mark on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

CLIENT: R. Hazes & W. Yip

The driving force behind this touching project was a collaboration between R. Hazes and W. Yip, individuals who shared a deep appreciation for André Hazes and sought to pay homage to his enduring legacy. Their vision was brought to life through the artistic prowess and technical expertise of Dutch Deco Factory.

DESIGN: Frankey

The original design, conceived by the talented Frankey, served as the blueprint for this project. Frankey’s design encapsulated the essence of André Hazes and his cultural significance, providing a solid foundation for Dutch Deco Factory to work from.

Create: Crafted from Polyester

The statue itself was meticulously crafted from durable and weather-resistant polyester. This choice of material ensured that the tribute to André Hazes would withstand the test of time, enduring the elements and remaining a poignant fixture on Dam Square for years to come.

Finish: A Labor of Love

The finishing touches on this heartfelt tribute were nothing short of a labor of love. Dutch Deco Factory’s spray masters lent their expertise to hand finish the statue. Every brushstroke and detail was carefully executed to ensure that the essence of André Hazes was captured with precision and reverence.

This remade Lego statue stands not only as a tribute to André Hazes but also as a testament to the power of art to immortalize the spirit of an individual and connect with a community. It graces Dam Square in Amsterdam as a symbol of the enduring impact of the late singer’s music and persona.

Dutch Deco Factory, with its commitment to sustainable practices and its expertise in the creation and finishing of decorative objects, demonstrated once again their ability to turn creative visions into tangible reality. Their portfolio of services, which spans from 3D printing to prop making and finishing with special coatings, allows for the realization of a wide array of artistic projects.

For those seeking to commemorate, celebrate, or captivate through art and design, Dutch Deco Factory stands ready to bring your visions to life. Their experience in signage, retail displays, trade fair exhibits, theme park attractions, corporate branding, and event decoration ensures that they are a versatile and reliable partner for any creative endeavor. Contact Dutch Deco Factory today to embark on your next artistic journey, and let them help you bring your vision to life with passion and precision.

In honour of the late Dutch singer André Hazes we were asked to remake his Lego statue designed by Frankey. We placed it on June 30th 2021 on Dam Square in Amsterdam, the day André would have become 70 years of age.


R. Hazes & W. Yip




The sculpture is made from polyester.


Hand finished by our spray masters.