Just that special coating on your project is like the icing on your cake.

Choose your Coating and steal the Show.

With clients around the globe, DDF is well known for it’s special and unique coatings. We love inventing ways of creating just that innovative and very exciting new application method for our customers. Over the years we’ve collected the following techniques:

  • Chrome Coating
    Also available in coloured chrome
  • Flock Coating
    Smooth as velvet and in many colours
  • Liquid Metal Coating
    Turn any object into real metal (bronze, copper, zinc, gold, titanium, brass, silver, nickel, aluminium, iron. Stainless steel, tin)
  • LumiLor® Coating
    Electroluminescent coat, paint with light
  • Gilding
    Traditional craft using leaves of gold, silver or bronze
  • Chameleon coating
    a multicoloured pearlescent finish
  • Glow in the Dark Coating
    Fluorescent paint, glows brightly in the dark after exposure to light
  • Concrete Look
    Make any object look like concrete
  • Natural Stone Look
    From calacatta marble to limestone
  • Vxxxxxxxxx®
    Something very exciting is coming soon… stay tuned!

Looking for something very unique? Contact us, we’re always interested in a challenge and are very keen to add more special finishes to our collection.

Choices, choices

So many finishes to choose from. Problems picking the right one for your project? Our spray artists are happy to advise you to get things right. You’ll be surprised how much is possible. We’ll turn your timber object into bronze or add light emitted details to your glass project! The sky is the limit.

More Information

Take a look at some of our highlighted projects and get inspired.

Read more about getting an idea turned into drawings here (Design). Or if you’re interested in getting your project actually realised, look on the Create page. If you want to speak to us about the possibilities for your project, please get in touch.