Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga: Crafting The Queendom – A Fusion of Innovation and Artistry

In the realm of creative collaboration, where innovation meets artistry, the partnership between Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga stands as an exemplary case study. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey, materializing The Queendom in a tangible and immersive form. This endeavor gave birth to a series of pop-up shops, each a testament to the vision of British director and photographer Nick Knight and the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti.

CLIENT: Fiction Factory, Amsterdam

The driving force behind the realization of this extraordinary project was Fiction Factory, a distinguished creative agency hailing from the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Their expertise in crafting immersive experiences made them the perfect choice to transform the abstract concept of The Queendom into a physical reality. Collaborating closely with them was another Amsterdam-based creative powerhouse.

Design: Random Design, Amsterdam

Random Design, renowned for their innovative design prowess, worked in tandem with Fiction Factory to breathe life into the concept. Their expertise in blending aesthetics with functionality ensured that the pop-up shops were not just visually stunning but also functional spaces that could accommodate the intended experience.

Creation: An Artistry Beyond Measure

The heart of this project lay in the meticulous creation of the pop-up shops. They were conceived using a modular system comprising various elements, allowing for adaptability in design. However, what truly set these pop-up shops apart was the method of creation. Cutting-edge 3D printing and CNC robotic milling techniques were employed to craft a mesmerizing array of 3D objects. Each piece was a fusion of precision and artistry, forming the foundational elements of these immersive environments. To maintain consistency and quality, the team created meticulous molds for the replication of these modules.

Finish: A Visual Masterpiece

Beyond the craftsmanship, it was the visual aesthetics that left an indelible mark. A bespoke metallic multi-color palette was meticulously selected, a vibrant spectrum of colors seamlessly transitioning into a rich satin black finish. This deliberate color scheme was not just for decoration; it was a conscious choice to evoke emotions and set the mood. The result was an environment that radiated opulence and sophistication, inviting visitors to step into a world that was as enchanting as it was elegant.

In this creative endeavor, Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga, along with their visionary collaborators Fiction Factory and Random Design, successfully transcended traditional marketing strategies. These pop-up shops were not mere retail spaces; they were living, breathing works of art. They transported visitors not just into a store but into a realm of creativity, luxury, and imagination – The Queendom. This fusion of artistry and technology elevated the concept of experiential retail to new heights, forever etching its mark in the annals of creative collaboration.

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Dom Pérignon & Lady Gaga shared an immersive journey through a physical manifestation of The Queendom. The pop-up shops created were inspired by the campaign and film created by British director and photographer Nick Knight and creative director Nicola Formichetti.


Fiction Factory, Amsterdam


Random Design, Amsterdam


Pop-up shops were created using a modular system of different elements. All 3D items were created using 3D printing and CNC  robotic milling. Moulds were made and used to produce modules.


Bespoke metallic multi-colour palette with transitions to satin black.