FC Bayern Munich’s Iconic Player Tribute: Mannequins at the Munich Flagship Store

Bayern Munich, a powerhouse in the world of soccer, embarked on a truly remarkable collaboration with Hans Boodt Mannequins, resulting in a project that seamlessly blended sports, art, and retail. This extraordinary endeavor saw the transformation of the 14 revered players from the FC Bayern Munich soccer team into life-sized mannequins, a tribute to their sporting prowess and a stunning addition to the new flagship store in Munich.

CLIENT: Hans Boodt Mannequins

Hans Boodt Mannequins, renowned for their expertise in creating lifelike and captivating mannequins, played a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition. Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation made them the ideal partner for this ambitious undertaking.

Design: Adidas / Hans Boodt Mannequins

The design synergy between Adidas and Hans Boodt Mannequins was the driving force behind this project. It was their collaborative vision that envisioned the 14 football players of Bayern Munich as artful, lifelike mannequins that would not only showcase the team’s legacy but also become a captivating focal point within the expansive 4000m² flagship store in Munich.

Create: From Players to Mannequins

The transformation of the players into mannequins was an intricate process that began with 3D scanning, capturing every detail, from their unique poses to their distinctive features. This digital blueprint served as the foundation for the next step: 3D printing. Precision and attention to detail were paramount to ensure that the essence of each player was faithfully replicated in their mannequin form.

Finish: The Essence of Granite

The mannequins, now representing the football players in their full glory, underwent a transformative finishing process. A Granite coating was expertly applied, bestowing upon them a textured, stone-like appearance. This finish not only added a touch of elegance but also symbolically reinforced the players’ stature in the world of soccer.

The mannequins, standing tall and resplendent in their Granite finish, would not merely adorn the retail space but would become a captivating testament to the team’s legacy. Their presence in the flagship store, alongside an international restaurant, hotel, biergarten, and 2000m² of retail space, would provide visitors with an immersive experience that transcends sports and delves into the realm of artistry and creativity.

This collaborative project is a shining example of how sports, design, and innovation can converge to create something truly exceptional. It pays tribute to the FC Bayern Munich soccer team while also elevating the retail space to an immersive, artistic environment.

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Bayern Munich teamed up with Hans Boodt Mannequins for a very special project. The 14 players of FC Bayern Munich soccer team are turned into life size mannequins. The team will be showcased in the new 4000m² flagship store in Munich including an international restaurant, hotel, biergarten and 2000 m² retail space.


Hans Boodt Mannequins


Adidas / Hans Boodt Mannequins


The 14 players of Bayern Munich soccer team, have been 3D scanned, printed.


The football players are finished with a Granite coating.