Facing Gaia | Daniel Libeskind

Venice Biennale of Architecture, Italy
Architecture, Sculpture
Gun Metal, Liquid Metal
About This Project

Facing Gaia was presented at the Venice Architectural Biennale in conjunction with the exhibition “Time Space Existence”.


Standing at 12-meters-tall at the edge of the Adriatic Sea, the gleaming white, monolithic tower is bisected by a floating amorphous void.  The undulating mirror-finished space in between represents the infinite and the finite, the possible and the impossible, while reflecting the surrounding gardens, water and pedestrians.


The title is derived from the concept that Gaia (the living Earth) is at a moment of crisis.  Humanity is at a crossroads in a world where we are running out of resources and space – in a moment where we are expanding with progressive technologies and the increasing capacity to connect.  We are moving into a cultural shift from sustainability to viability.  Facing Gaia stands as a beacon on the edge of this precipice.




Daniel Libeskind, Studio Libeskind


The facade was created using GRIP Metal Technology and was prefabricated in Toronto, Canada.  The interior void was created with 3D printing technology.


The interior void is finished with a DDF liquid metal: gun metal.