Bespoke Winding Staircase: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Craftsmanship

In the realm of interior design, there are moments when function meets artistry, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Such is the case with the bespoke winding staircase crafted for a private residence—an architectural marvel that seamlessly blends form and function.

CLIENT: Betül Canbaz Interiors / STRK | TBDG | VVA

Betül Canbaz Interiors, in collaboration with STRK | TBDG | VVA, envisioned a staircase that would not merely facilitate vertical movement but would also serve as a captivating focal point within the home. What emerged from this vision was an exceptional creation.

Design: Where Innovation Meets Aesthetics

The design process, spearheaded by Betül Canbaz Interiors and their creative partners, was a testament to innovation in interior architecture. The bespoke winding staircase was conceived to elevate the ambiance of the residence while providing a practical means of traversing between levels.

Create: The Material of Choice – Stainless Steel

To bring this vision to life, stainless steel was chosen as the primary material. This decision was guided by its durability, malleability, and modern aesthetic. Stainless steel offered the versatility needed to craft the intricate curves and details of the winding staircase.

Finish: Brass Patina – A Touch of Luxury

For the finishing touch, Dutch Deco Factory, known for their impeccable craftsmanship, applied a brass patina spray paint on-site. This meticulous process not only enhanced the staircase’s visual appeal but also imbued it with an air of opulence. The brass patina exuded warmth and sophistication, transforming the stainless steel structure into a work of art.

The bespoke winding staircase, standing as a true testament to the synergy between design and craftsmanship, now graces the private residence. It serves not only as a functional element but as a piece of art that complements and elevates the entire living space.

Betül Canbaz Interiors, in collaboration with STRK | TBDG | VVA, have successfully redefined the concept of a staircase, turning it into a striking architectural feature. This project is a shining example of how thoughtful design, creative vision, and expert craftsmanship can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

For a private home a bespoke winding staircase has been made and finished on location.


Betül Canbaz Interiors / STRK | TBDG | VVA


Betül Canbaz Interiors / STRK | TBDG | VVA


The bespoke winding staircase is made from stainless steel.


Coated in a brass patina spray paint on location.