Tubus Seesaw: A Triumph of Form and Function at Dutch Design Week 2019

Dutch Design Week 2019 witnessed the unveiling of “Playground, Work Hard, Play Harder,” an extraordinary exhibit presented by Studio Roex. Central to this captivating display was the Tubus Seesaw, a striking fusion of art and engineering that epitomized the concept of innovation through simplicity.

CLIENT: Studio Roex

Studio Roex, known for pushing the boundaries of design and creativity, sought to create an object that would not only captivate viewers but also challenge conventional notions of form and function. The Tubus Seesaw emerged as the embodiment of this vision.

Design: Studio Roex’s Ingenious Concept

The Tubus Seesaw’s design was the brainchild of Studio Roex. At its core, it featured a flattened steel tube—a seemingly unassuming material that would prove to be the cornerstone of innovation. Studio Roex’s ingenious approach allowed them to derive all the functions of the seesaw from this single, versatile tube.

Create: Transforming Steel into Art

The Tubus Seesaw was crafted from steel, showcasing the limitless possibilities of this material when guided by creative vision. With dimensions of 375 x 60 x 130 cm, it stood as an imposing yet inviting installation, inviting visitors to interact with its unique form.

Finish: A Gilded Masterpiece

To enhance its visual appeal and durability, Dutch Deco Factory applied their expertise to the Tubus Seesaw’s finish. The foot and handles of the seesaw were meticulously finished with a gold spray and a weather-resistant coating. This not only added an element of opulence to the piece but also ensured its resilience against the elements.

The result was a Tubus Seesaw that transcended the ordinary, blurring the lines between art and utility. Its captivating combination of gold and blue, along with its innovative use of steel, invited visitors to engage both physically and intellectually. As they rocked back and forth on this mesmerizing creation, they became part of the artwork itself.

Studio Roex’s Tubus Seesaw, with its flattened steel tube at its core, was not just an exhibit; it was a testament to the power of design to transform the everyday into the extraordinary. Dutch Deco Factory’s meticulous finishing touch elevated it to a gilded masterpiece that left an indelible impression on Dutch Design Week 2019.

At Dutch Design Week 2019 Studio Roex presented ‘Playground, work hard, play harder’ with the Tubus Seesaw in gold and blue. In this object a flattened steel tube is being used. By clever use all functions of the seesaw are derived from this one particular tube.


Studio Roex


Studio Roex


Materials: steel
Dimensions: 375 x 60 x 130 cm.


The foot and handels of the seesaw are finished with a gold spray and a weather resistant coating.