Introducing Fendi’s European allure through our latest billboard campaign.

Precision-cut opaque panels, shaped to capture Fendi’s timeless essence, adorn the streets with elegance. The interplay of light and shadow on each billboard, mounted on sleek laser-cut metal frames, reflects Fendi’s distinctive style.

As Fendi’s refined legacy graces European streets, our billboards invite onlookers into the world of fashion, art, and craftsmanship. Explore our gallery to witness the sophistication of the campaign, where each image tells a story of Fendi’s allure.

Client: FENDI

In Rome, Fendi began as a modest fur and leather shop in 1925 and transformed into a global fashion icon. Known for luxurious designs and the iconic double ‘F’ logo, Fendi blends tradition with modernity. With collaborations and runway shows, Fendi continues to shape high fashion, epitomizing Italian elegance and creativity.

Design: Capturing attention

In the vibrant world of advertising, Fendi’s creative flair collided with our technical expertise to redefine the skyline. Their imaginative designs soared across billboards, capturing attention with a burst of colors and avant-garde concepts. Our technical team ensured each billboard was not just visually stunning but also flawlessly executed, merging creativity with precision. Together, we transformed the cityscape into a canvas where art and technology seamlessly merged, leaving an indelible mark on the advertising landscape.

Finish: UV printing and matte black frames

In the heart of the city, a captivating billboard recently reached its finish line, adorned with brilliant colors brought to life by UV printing. The supporting steel frames, sleek and modern, were flawlessly finished with a matte black powder coating, adding a touch of sophistication to the vibrant display. The synergy of UV printing and matte black frames marked a triumphant conclusion, leaving an unforgettable impression on the urban scene.