Illuminating Elegance and Craftsmanship at Restaurant Het Warenhuis

In the heart of Restaurant Het Warenhuis, a place where culinary artistry and ambiance converge, bespoke light fittings and a stunning mosaic metal-look back wall add an extra layer of sophistication and charm. These exceptional creations, brought to life by Dutch Deco Factory, are not just functional elements but works of art in their own right, elevating the dining experience.

CLIENT: Restaurant Het Warenhuis

Restaurant Het Warenhuis sought to create an atmosphere that was not only about exceptional food but also about the ambiance. They recognized that the right lighting and design could transform their space into a captivating haven for diners, and thus, they embarked on a collaboration with Dutch Deco Factory.

Design: MAC Design

The creative vision behind these remarkable additions came from MAC Design, a design firm known for its ability to infuse spaces with elegance and personality. Their design sensibilities were instrumental in shaping the character of Restaurant Het Warenhuis.

Reportage het Warenhuis Den Bosch Foto l Pim Ras

Create: Aluminium Light Fittings and MDF Back Wall

The bespoke light fittings that grace the restaurant’s interior were meticulously crafted from aluminium, a material known for its lightweight and malleable properties. This choice allowed for the creation of unique and intricate designs that would become focal points within the restaurant.

For the coffee counter, a standout feature emerged in the form of a mosaic metal-look back wall. This grand statement piece was carefully assembled using MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), providing a canvas that would showcase the beauty of metal-inspired finishes.

Finish: Liquid Metal Mastery

The finishing touches applied to these creations were nothing short of mastery. The light fittings received a finish of DDF liquid metal in patinated bronze and copper. These rich and nuanced finishes not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the fittings but also created a warm and inviting ambiance within the restaurant.

The cubistic back wall, a true showstopper, was adorned with liquid metal brass. This choice exuded opulence and added depth to the overall design. The result was a mesmerizing mosaic that enveloped the coffee counter, becoming a conversation starter and an art installation in its own right.

Fotografie door De Vaste Clique

Dutch Deco Factory, with their dedication to precision and excellence, played a pivotal role in bringing MAC Design’s vision to life. Their expertise in working with materials like aluminium and MDF, combined with their mastery of liquid metal finishes, ensured that every element was a testament to craftsmanship.

For those who understand that the details make all the difference in design, Dutch Deco Factory remains a trusted partner. Whether it’s creating bespoke light fittings or crafting intricate back walls, their commitment to excellence shines through.

At Restaurant Het Warenhuis, dining becomes an experience that engages all the senses. The bespoke light fittings and the mosaic metal-look back wall, a harmonious marriage of design and craftsmanship, create an atmosphere where every meal is a work of art.

Throughout the restaurant bespoke light fittings were made. For their coffee counter an outstanding mosaic metal look back wall was put together.


Restaurant Het Warenhuis.


MAC Design.


The light fittings were made from aluminium, the back wall from MDF.


Lamps got a finish of DDF liquid metal in patinated bronze and copper. The cubistic back wall has been finished in liquid metal brass..