Haute Couture Elevated: Bespoke Masks and a Moving Dress Installation

In a celebration of haute couture and artistic innovation, Dutch Deco Factory had the privilege of collaborating with the visionary Iris van Herpen. Together, they crafted bespoke masks and a mesmerizing moving installation that added a touch of enchantment to her fashion show at the iconic Élysée Montmartre in Paris.

CLIENT: Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen, a luminary in the world of haute couture, sought to infuse her fashion show with elements of awe-inspiring artistry. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion led to a collaboration with Dutch Deco Factory, a company renowned for their expertise in transforming creative concepts into tangible reality.

Design: Iris van Herpen’s Vision

The design direction for this extraordinary project emanated directly from the creative genius of Iris van Herpen herself. Her vision was to create bespoke masks that would not only complement her haute couture collection but also stand as works of art in their own right. Additionally, she envisioned a closing dress that would feature a moving installation, adding a dynamic and mesmerizing element to her show.

Create: Laser-Cut Stainless Steel

The realization of this vision began with the creation of the bespoke masks. Every intricate detail of these masterpieces was meticulously laser-cut from stainless steel, a material known for its durability and precision. The choice of material ensured that the masks would not only be exquisite in design but also enduring in quality.

Finish: Polished Elegance and Matt White

The masks, crafted with precision and care, underwent a transformation in the finishing stages. They were meticulously polished to achieve a high shine, emphasizing their elegance and sophistication. Elements of the closing dress were treated to a matte white coating (RAL 9016 – traffic white), adding a striking contrast to the polished masks and enhancing the visual impact of the moving installation.

The result was a breathtaking fusion of haute couture fashion and artistic expression. Iris van Herpen’s fashion show at Élysée Montmartre was elevated to an entirely new level, with the bespoke masks and the moving dress installation serving as the embodiment of creativity and innovation.

Dutch Deco Factory, with their commitment to sustainable practices and their mastery in design, creation, and finishing, played a pivotal role in bringing Iris van Herpen’s vision to life. Their expertise in laser cutting stainless steel and finishing with precision ensured that every detail was executed with perfection.

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In Honour of Haute Couture we helped Iris creating bespoke masks for her fashion show at Élysée Montmartre in Paris. Also for her very impressive closing dress DDF did the finishing of the moving installation around the dress.


Iris van Herpen


Iris van Herpen


The mask elements were laser cut from stainless steel.


The masks are highly polished and elements of the closing dress are coated in a matt white (RAL 9016 – traffic white).