Light Emitting Coating Electroluminescent paint that lights up every project!

LumiLor® Coating

Light Technology with Unlimited applications.

Dutch Deco Factory is official LumiLor applicator and authorised dealer for the Netherlands.

LumiLor is a patented Light Emitting Coating (LEC) system which allows anything coated with it to illuminate. LumiLor works with electroluminescence (EL), an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to an electric current.

At under 100 microns thin, LumiLor will conform to any surface, any shape, producing a consistent glow over an entire surface area.

Properties of LumiLor

High Visability

LumiLor is vibrant, even through fog and rain but without the glare found in traditional lighting sources.

3D Contouring
LumiLor is thin, flexible, and can be applied to any three-dimensional shape or contour with ease.
Cool to Touch
LumiLor is energy efficient, and cool to the touch which allows it to go in places other lights cannot.
Water -Resistant
LumiLor is durable, long lasting, and can light up any surface including water resistant applications.
LumiLor can be programmed to turn on/off, flash, sequence, or dance to music all by remote control.

More Information

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