The Netherlands

Authorised Dealer

Do you want to add LumiLor to your car, motorcycle, bike, helmet or other personal object yourself? Super!
LumiLor Authorised Dealer

Light Technology with Unlimited applications.

Dutch Deco Factory is official LumiLor applicator and authorised dealer for the Netherlands.
LumiLor is an electroluminescent coat which allows you to apply light with paint. LumiLor is delivered as a liquid coating and as a pre-applied film, making it very easy to integrate lighting solutions into products that were difficult (if not impossible) to illuminate before. At under 100 microns thin, LumiLor will conform to any surface, any shape, producing a consistent glow over an entire surface area.

Do It Yourself

If you are a professional or experienced spray painter or an airbrush artist with the right equipment, you could apply LumiLor yourself. DDF can supply you with all LumiLor products and accessories for your project.

More Information

For support (information, videos and answers) on LumiLor, click here. Or get in touch with us for price requests and orders.